5 famous western artistic movements.

A brief definition of art styles :  Usually, the term style refers to the techniques, elements, and methods that an artist use to create outstanding artwork. In the art of painting, style is the movement or subject associated with the artist. It is the manner in which the artist chose to express his or her... Continue Reading →

What is painting ?

Definition of painting : Painting is the act or process of applying acrylic, watercolor, fresco or other pigments to a solid surface including canvas, wood, paper, etc typically with a brush, but other materials such as sponges or knives can be used. The final work resulted from this action is also called painting. Painting is... Continue Reading →

  visual arts The visual arts are those works that are primarily for visual perception. These art forms are very common and extremely diverse, including drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, film, and printmaking. Yet, Other categories of art include aspects of visual arts such as performing arts, decorative arts, and textile arts. Many of these... Continue Reading →

What is art?

  A simple definition of Art : In ancient times, people divided art into seven types of art (liberal arts): Trivium (3 paths), including: grammar, logic, rhetoric; and quadrivium (4 paths) including: arithmetic (the theory of numbers), geometry (numbers in space), music (numbers in time), and astronomy number in space and time). The mother of all seven... Continue Reading →

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